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Why consider Birth photography?

Birth Photography is very new to Scotland. While it seems like a very different concept, birth photography is an investment in your family's memory box and future. Every birth is different just like every person is unique. When you get to hold this new bundle in your arms for the very first time and gaze into those eyes full of wonder, you experience one of the most meaningful moment life has to offer... and there is something special knowing that months on, years on, a generation on, you could have the opportunity to relive this moment and share it with your child.

Choosing a birth photographer is very special, it is inviting someone into the special birth circle and it truly is an honour to capture the entrance in this world of a brand new person, to see parents being born, a family being made complete a little bit more. Over the past few years I have had the privilege to witness many births, I have learnt it matters a great deal more during birth than any other type of sessions that my clients and I have a good connection. It goes beyond simply capturing the birth, it matters that the photographer is someone whose presence will not disturb you during that special time. Birth is particular as it requires both strength and acceptance of your body's instincts and it can while being a very empowering experience be a time of vulnerability which makes it crucial for anyone there to be someone you feel naturally comfortable with and supported by. 

If you would like to receive more details about birth photography, I would be glad to provide some and maybe even be your photographer.

Please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!

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